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My dream in writing and sharing my experiences is to have a positive impact on real lives. It is often hard to know the extent to which this happens. Some of the following letters make me feel that what I am doing is worthwhile, and inspired me to add a new section to my website. This section is devoted to sharing your stories and feedback. If you have a personal experience or story that you would like to share, or any comments on any of my work, please click here to open mail form. Also indicate whether you want your name and email included with your comments. I am confident that by sharing your experiences we can all gain something of value.

Simple Joys,
Terry Orlick

Sharing Stories and Lessons

Dear Terry Orlick,

I am writing this e-mail in an attempt to convey to you my gratitude for providing me with the belief that despite my personal tragedies, I could, and have gone on to be a very productive member of the R.C.M.Police.

I have read several of your books ( I won't lie and tell you I have read them all) and the one that has impacted me the most was " IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE". In your book you speak of athletes you have worked with and how they all have enhanced their performance and reached their goals. I also have a success story that I will share with you, as your insight and knowledge has been a major contribution in my being able to live life and not simply exist in it.

I will not bore you with my life history, however I have suffered the loss of my three children, Christan, Angela and Kurtis. They were all born with Cystic Fibrosis. Angela passed away in 1979 while I was doing my R.C.M.P. training in Regina. Kurtis passed away in January 1995 and my oldest son Chris passed away 13 months later. .As the children were growing up, it was a very painful and extremely stressful task to keep the boys positive towards life, despite their knowledge that if a cure was not found, that there life expectancy was short.

In the early part of 1990, I was introduced to your work by Danny Blinn who at the time was my assistant coach. We were coaching a local High School volleyball team. Between the two of us we gathered as much material as we could find on the subject of imagery and visualization. It was at this time that my life as I knew it began to change. Through the acquired learning of the various life skills you detailed in your books and articles, I felt a surge of new found inspiration. I brought this sense home with me. I would often find myself and my boys engaged in discussion on how powerful our minds are and how we can control our thoughts and feelings. This opened a door of communication between my children and I that completely changed how we perceived our situation. We were able to deal with the loss of Angela and finally able to openly discuss what each of us was feeling. The few years that followed, provided us with many fun and exciting events. My boys have redefined the definition of courage. They were both visualizers and used it daily in keeping themselves positive. The last afternoon I spent with my son Christan, he said to me, " Dad I can still see my dream, I'm just to tired to get there right now." He passed away that night.

Since then I have had some really trying times. When I lose sight or my focus, I bring myself back to those final few years I had with Chris and Kurtis. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for those years, how grateful I am to have been inspired by you and your knowledge.

I am presently instructing at the R.C.M.P. Academy in Regina and continuously pass on what I have learnt and continue to learn from you, to the next generation R.C.M.P. Officers. I may not have a gold medal around my neck, but I have a comfort ZONE and thank you for that.

Dan Nadeau

Dear Dan,

I thank you deeply for taking the time and having the courage to share your story with me. I feel honored to have played a part in helping you embrace the joy you had with your children and in helping you continue to the keep things in perspective. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. I know that what you have experienced could have a powerful influence on other people facing very tough challenges.

Simple Joys,
Terry Orlick

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Dear Terry

As I indicated in my previous email, you are truly a person who has impacted my life and continue to do so as we speak. Just today, I provided a Cadet in training with a copy of your book, IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE, and a copy of the wheel of excellence'. I would be happy to contribute to your pursuit of excellence in creating and enhancing such a great web site.

There is no need to keep my email anonymous and my e-mail can also be given, perhaps someone visiting your site may want to contact me regarding some of my personal journeys through life. I would be honored to give something back. Again, I thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Dan Nadeau

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First of all, I would like to say congratulations on the zone of excellence website. I discovered Terry Orlick and the zone of excellence through my athletic career (basketball player for 15 years) and I've been a fan ever since. In my second year of university (McGill University 1994-95), I suffered a career threatening injury (ACL tear) and I was able to get through it with the zone of excellence audio-tape (In Pursuit of Excellence). I listened to the healing portion of the tape everyday during my rehabilitation ( 9 months of physio, 3-4 hours daily) and visualized my knee healing.

The tape also helped me focus and being in a positive state of mind. I was able to comeback, finish my university b-ball career in my last season, be awarded with the Nan Copp award for the best woman basketball player in Canada.

Now that I've retired from active competition, I try to include the zone of excellence in my daily life. I was wondering if there was any plans of doing a tape that is more geared towards everyday stuff, similar to the in pursuit of excellence audio-tape but this time the exercises would be for excellence in life.

Thank you for your excellent work, you have had a positive impact on my life.I have no problem with you using my e-mail with my name. If my e-mail can encourage one individual to look at your material and have it make a difference in their lives like it did for me, then I would be very happy. Again, great work and have a nice day!

Vicky Tessier

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Dear Dr. Orlick,

"In Pursuit of Excellence" was my bible for a number of years. It took me from being a ski instructor to becoming a World Cup speed skier and a 1992 Olympian You were the only coach I've ever had. Although its been awhile since I competed, its made a wonderful difference in my life! Thank you.

Kind regards,
MJ McCann

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Dear Terry,

I would like to say that I found your book very educational and valuable. I am a pool player. I have been playing pool for over ten years and I am getting ready for a major competition in May to be held in Las Vegas. I play at an amateur level. I have used some of the techniques described in this book and it has made a significant improvement in my game.

You came highly recommended from one of my peers in billiards....Mona Remedios. She is a great person and she also thinks the world of your books. She plays in some of the professional women's tournaments when she can get away from work. Thank you again for the inspiration that you have sparked in me in the teachings of your books.

Glen Collins.

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Dear Mr Orlick,

I feel the need to send you this e-mail to thank you for sharing your knowledge and hard work with me. I have been reading your book "In Pursuit of Excellence" and it has completely changed my way of thinking and has taken my enjoyment of life and my sport to a whole new level. I am from England and have been playing UK-8 Ball pool since I was 12 years old. Since that age I have loved the sport and always dreamed of being the best, although 2 years ago or so I felt in my head that I had reached my peak in my game and could not compete with some of the top players in the world, even though I had the full support of my family and peers telling me I could. I lost confidence and I started to slump in the game to the point of quitting. I am now 34 years of age and since reading your book and doing the imagery exercises daily I have never played pool as well in my life. I have just had the experience of my lifetime by being involved in this years World Championships for the 1st time and did very well. Next year who knows?, I may win it. If i do win it I will definately dedicate it to you because without your book my pool cue would have been thrown on the fire by now!.

Once again THANK YOU!

Yours gratefully
Dave Roblin

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I would like to thank you for your book 'In Pursuit of Excellence' I am currently training to be a Latin American dancer. I do suffer from performance anxiety and as I have only been dancing for three years - I only really have my vision to keep be going. Your book has helped me find my best focus, assess my commitment, deal with performance anxiety and distractions and has helped me keep hold of my dream and work towards it every day.

I use your book constantly, making notes and re-reading them before competitions and it has helped me and been my guide to furthering myself in my field.

Thank you for your book.I will go on reading it until I reach my goal

Michelle Brannan

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Hello Terry,

My name is Jeff and we spoke via email a few months back. I was looking for Psyching For Sport and you sent me out a copy. WOW! What a book! I was really impressed. Recently I was talking to some other athletes re:your work and they all had very positive things to say.Your tapes were brought up and I heard how good they were. I must get my hands on these before I go back to Europe in September! PLEASE Terry!I think they are from In Pursuit....I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,

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Dear Zone of Excellence

I want to thank you guys for sending the audio CDs. The CD was exactly what he wanted and he was VERY surprised and happy to get it. I just want to thank you for your extra effort and help.

Jennifer Reed

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